A Two-Mum Pregnancy Story: Our First Mother’s Day

26th March 2017

Dear Baby

Today is Mother’s Day. You are not in the world yet but you are here inside me, inside her already. We have loved you fiercely from the moment the embryologists identified you as a fertilised embryo, but we probably loved you before then. You divided into two cells and then four and then eight and on the fifth day you were tucked inside me. A foreign place.

We saw you again the other day, through ultrasound waves on a screen. Your Grandma was there too. I think it’s safe to say that we are all very much in love with you and that you are most definitely the cutest foetus in the whole world.

Tomorrow you will have been growing inside me for twenty weeks. It will mark the half way point of this pregnancy. I don’t want to rush time, or hurry you out because you have lots of growing to do, but I hope you know just how excited we are to meet you. 
This is what Mummy bought Mummy on our first Mother’s Day:


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