A Two Mum (Mom) Pregnancy Story: The First Trimester


The first trimester of my pregnancy passed without incident. We kept busy, seeing friends and family, started family traditions (like a New Year’s Day trip to the beach), and enjoyed the quiet, peaceful company of each other and our furbabies.

It’s strange to think that life will never be the same again for us once we become mothers. Of course, if we wanted life to stay the same we wouldn’t have gone through the invasive and costly IVF process. I just.. hope our relationship doesn’t change too much. The past months have been the happiest of my life, perhaps even the happiest of our relationship too, and I don’t what to lose this.

A lot of pregnant women are afflicted with terrible vomiting during the first trimester. I was lucky enough to escape this, but I was plagued by a persistent nausea that began on my waking in the morning and stayed with me until the end of the day. I found myself repelled by coffee: the sight, the smell, the taste, the very idea of it. Who am I? I had previously LIVED for my morning coffee with Kate, our lazy mid-morning coffee dates at local coffee houses, our afterworkcaffeine fixes, and now, I couldn’t imagine anything worse. Tea, too, became completely unappealing, as did chocolate, biscuits, and even cheese. I did not experience any extreme cravings, but Ready Salted crisps and cereal were a favourite during this stage of my pregnancy.

I work as a secondary school English teacher. First trimester fatigue required that I spend a lot more time than usual sitting down in the classroom, rather than being up on my feet and walking around the room. The children didn’t seem to notice.

After the 7 week heartbeat ultrasound scan, whenwe were thrilled to see and hear a heartbeat, the weeks that followed until the end of the first trimester were long and faintly tinged with anxiety. The rates of miscarriage decrease once a fetal heartbeat is seen, but the statistics about miscarriage during the later stages of the first trimester are too high to be reassuring.

20170129_09493712 weeks (no) bump date. ❤

The weeks passed slowly by and we waited in anticipation for our 12-week growth scan.


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